The core foundation of ITMS Sports’ success has always been a commitment to exceeding the clients' expectations. A complete understanding of each client’s business is as important to achieving this goal as is attention to the individual details of every single project, no matter how minute those details may be. ITMS Sports believes that an undertaking can never be truly successful without a pledge to meet the needs and consistently surpass the goals of the clients. Pride and satisfaction in delivering results-oriented solutions is something that the agency seeks from its entire group and every single member of its team.

The dedication to representing athletes will always be at the heart of ITMS Sports’ philosophy, because it is the athletes who have the power to truly unleash the passion and emotive power of sports. Athletes are also the cornerstone of successful sporting events and effective brand campaigns. The agency’s approach consistently delivers creativity, ingenuity, and most importantly, results that stimulate consumer demand and create win-win campaigns for personalities and brands.

ITMS Sports’ sense of perspective comes from nearly 20 years of first-hand, in-depth involvement with professional athletes, global brands, and major sporting events. A clear-cut business plan is conceived for every new business venture or project. The agency’s strategy follows from the core values and pride in its work that successfully launched this business in the first place.