Often forming an integral part of the marketing strategies the agency develops, grassroots earn major category status at ITMS Sports. They allow for a targeted, extremely cost-effective approach to growth, community relations, and the promotion of entire sports or individual events and teams. This approach can serve as a perfect balance to high profile promotional events. Marketing communication can be achieved on a whole new level, beginning from the "ground-up" with young, formative target groups. Recognizing the importance of building a strong base, ITMS Sports knows how to position grassroots initiatives to accomplish these goals.

Building upon the client's goal to increase the popularity of baseball in Germany, ITMS Sports has managed and coordinated Major League Baseball's nationwide "Play Ball!" programs, reaching well over a million boys and girls since the successful launch of the initial national school program in 1996.

ITMS Sports conceived and implemented a successful youth program to drive a resurgence of support for a premiere division hockey team in Germany. Over 15,000 local school children participated in the school events that helped establish an exciting new fan base during the two-year program.

ITMS Sports has also devised effective grassroots marketing strategies for the development of golf and tennis. The EPDTour provides young, ambitious golf professionals with valuable tournament experience to hone their skills, increase their earnings, and prepare themselves for the PGA tours. With this help German golfers like Marcel Siem found their way to the European PGA Tour.

The nationwide recreational tournament series People Tennis Tour, as well as several tennis academies, including the Saddlebrook Academy (formerly Palmer Academy), are among the many tennis projects that have profited from our marketing knowledge and expertise over the years.