Recreational Facility Development and Consulting

Many developers appreciate that the design and construction of quality recreational facilities is a highly specialized business. Few, however, recognize that the successful marketing, promotion, and operation of these facilities are just as specialized. By virtue of the strong international experience with recreational facilities, the relationships with professional athletes, and the seasoned staff, ITMS Sports can offer exceptional resources for the planning, design, marketing, and profitable management of recreational facilities.

ITMS Sports offers a wide range of specialized services from pre-construction to post-opening that can be customized to meet the objectives of the developer or project owner at public or private clubs, resorts, and residential communities.

·         Concept Development
·         Recommendations for Design
·         Planning and Programming
·         Operations Management
·         Marketing, Promotion and Event Management
·         Recommendations for Project Marketing and Membership Programs
·         Recommendations on Specialized and Recreational Programming